What's Easy Italian School? About us

Founded in 2018, EIS is an innovative platform where certified Italian teachers offer lessons and accommodation at home to international students. In EIS, we offer international students the opportunity to live and learn in some of the best Italian cities. We offer a "home away from home" for our students, helping them during their stay, inside and outside the teacher's home.

Easy Italian School allows you to:

- Learn Italian in a few weeks staying at an italian teacher's home;

- Teach Italian at home living an experience of personal enrichment.

The quality of this experience is what Easy Italian School offers to every single person.

Why choose us?

To learn the language in an unconventional way and to stay in touch with your teacher during the entire stay. You’ll get immersed into the Italian language from the first moment and for all the duration of your stay here.

Living with a certified Italian teacher does not restrict learning at lessons, rather than to continue to learn, repeat, listen, throughout the day. During your stay you will speak Italian always.

This is not merely a learning vacation, but a real unique and exciting experience. Be accommodated in the home of your teacher allows you to experience the daily life of an Italian family, allowing you to “savor” the genuine Italian atmosphere and its culture.

Why is the best way to learn Italian?

In the traditional schools of language, lessons and the rooms are shared with other foreign students, with which it is inevitably found there to speak his/her own language after the classroom. In our programs there is not space for own mother language, it always speaks Italian. For all your permanence you will speak, listen and “breathe” Italian.

Not only during the programmed hours, but also during the day, with your teacher, around in the road, during the activities.

There will be no distractions ofrom other languages, it will be a real full immersion of Italian! Your knowledge of the language will quickly improve, you will surprise yourself about your progress!



Certified teachers at guest’s disposal h24



100% accommodations quality guaranteed



A full immersion of Italian language and culture