Terms of the service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully as they provide important information regarding your rights, legal remedies and obligations. By accessing or using the Easy Italian School Platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Service.

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These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a legally binding contract ("Agreement") between the host ("Host") and Easyitalianschool (as defined below) which governs your access and use of the Easyitalianschool website, including all related subdomains, and any other website through which Easyitalianschool makes its services available (collectively, the "Site"), as well as our applications for mobile devices, tablets and other devices and application program interfaces (collectively, the "Application") and all associated services (collectively, the "Easyitalianschool Services"). This contract is also binding for the Guests, as defined below.

When these Terms mention "Easyitalianschool", "we", "us", or "our", they refer to the Easyitalianschool company with which you are entering into a Contract. The person with whom you enter into the contract is generally determined based on your Country of Residence. With your "Country of residence" means the jurisdiction that you associated with your Easyitalianschool Account, as provided or by your explicit selection or evaluation of Easyitalianschool about your residence held with the help of various data (attributes) associated with your Easyitalianschool account.

Our practices for collecting and using personal data in connection with access and use of the Easyitalianschool Platform by the user are described in our Privacy Policy.

Hosts are solely responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to their Ads and Services. For example, some cities have laws that restrict Hosts' ability to host paying guests for short periods or to provide certain Host Services. In many cities, Hosts may be required to register or obtain a permit or license before offering certain Host Services (such as preparing food or serving alcohol for sale, conducting guided tours, driving a vehicle or taking boat trips ). The Hosts are solely responsible for identifying and obtaining all licenses, permits or registrations necessary for any Host Services they offer. Some types of Host Services may be completely prohibited. Sanctions can include fines or other consequences. In our Help Center we provide some information that can help you identify some of the applicable obligations. If you have any doubts or questions about how local laws apply to your Host Announcements and Services on Easyitalianschool, we recommend that you always seek advice from a lawyer.

Scope of Easyitalianschool Services
1.1 The Easyitalianschool Platform is an online marketplace that allows registered users ("Members") and certain third parties that offer services (the Members and third parties that offer services are the "Hosts" and the services they offer are the "Host Services" ) to publish these Host Services on the Easyitalianschool Platform ("Announcements") and to communicate and negotiate directly with the Members seeking to book such Host Services (the Members using the Host Services are, the "Guests" ). The Host Services may include the offer of holiday homes or other accommodation for use ("Accommodation"), activities of one or more days in various categories ("Experiences"), access to events and special places ("Events") and various other services related or not to travel. Hosts must undertake to provide Italian language teaching services to guests. To this end, they must be in possession of the L1 certification to teach Italian to foreigners.

1.2 As an Easyitalianschool Platform provider, Easyitalianschool does not own, create, sell, resell, make available, control, manage, offer, deliver or provide Host Announcements or Services, nor is it an organizer or seller of package tours under the Directive ( EU) 2015/2302. Hosts are solely responsible for their Host Announcements and Services. When Members make or accept a reservation, they are entering into a contract directly with each other. Easyitalianschool is not and does not become part or otherwise participate in any contractual relationship between the Members, nor is it a real estate agent or an insurer. Easyitalianschool does not act as an agent for any reason for any Member, except as specified in the Payment Terms.

1.3 Even if Easyitalianschool could try to help facilitate the resolution of disputes, Easyitalianschool itself has no control over and does not guarantee (i) the existence, quality, safety, suitability or legality of any Announcement or Service of the Host, (ii) the correctness or accuracy of descriptions of the Announcements, Ratings, Reviews or other Content of the Members (as defined below) or (iii) the performance or conduct of any Member or third party. Easyitalianschool does not approve any Member, Announcement or Service of the Host. Any reference to the fact that a Member is "verified" (or similar wording) only indicates that the Member has completed the relevant verification or identification procedure and nothing else. The user must always exercise due diligence and care when deciding whether or not to stay in an accommodation, participate in an Experience or an Event, use other Host Services, accept a booking request from a Guest or communicate and interact with other Members, both online and in person. The Verified Images (as defined below) are intended only to provide a photographic representation of an Announcement at the time the photograph was taken and do not therefore constitute an endorsement by Easyitalianschool of any Host or Announcement.

1.4 If you choose to use the Easyitalianschool Platform as a Host or Co-host (as defined below), you acknowledge and agree that your relationship with Easyitalianschool is solely that of an independent third party contractor and not that of an employee, agent, joint venturer o Easyitalianschool partner for any reason and acknowledge and furthermore agree that you act exclusively on your behalf and for your benefit and not on behalf of or for the benefit of Easyitalianschool. Easyitalianschool does not control and does not direct the user either in general or in particular in its services under these Terms or in connection with its Host services offer. Easyitalianschool is also not responsible for damage to guests during their stay. You acknowledge and agree to have complete discretion whether to offer the Host Services or alternatively undertake other commercial or business activities.

1.5 To promote the Easyitalianschool Platform and to increase the exposure of Ads to potential Guests, the Ads and other Members Content can be viewed on other websites, in applications, in emails and in online and offline advertisements. To assist Members who speak different languages, Announcements and other Member Content may be translated, in whole or in part, into other languages. Easyitalianschool does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of such translations and Members are responsible for reviewing and verifying their correctness. The Easyitalianschool Platform can contain translations made by Google. Google makes no warranties with respect to the translations, whether explicit or implicit, including any guarantee of accuracy and reliability, or any other implied warranty related to merchantability requirements, ability to meet specific objectives and non-infringement of third-party rights.

1.6 The Easyitalianschool Platform may contain links to third-party websites or resources ("Third-Party Services"). These Third Party Services may be subject to different terms and conditions and to different data protection practices. Easyitalianschool is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such Third Party Services or for the content, products or services available through such Third Party Services. The links to these Third Party Services do not constitute an endorsement by Easyitalianschool of such services.

1.7 Due to the nature of the Internet, Easyitalianschool cannot guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability and accessibility of the Easyitalianschool Platform. Easyitalianschool can limit the availability of the Easyitalianschool Platform or of certain sections or functionalities of the same if this is necessary in consideration of capacity limitations, security or integrity of our servers or to perform maintenance interventions aimed at ensuring the correct or improved functioning of the Platform Easyitalianschool. Easyitalianschool reserves the right to improve, optimize and modify the Easyitalianschool Platform from time to time and to introduce new Easyitalianschool Services.

Eligibility, Use of the Easyitalianschool Platform, Member Verification
2.1 To access and use the Easyitalianschool Platform or to register an Easyitalianschool Account, you must be at least 18 years old and have the capacity to act necessary to enter into legally binding contracts. By accessing, or using, the Easyitalianschool Platform, you declare and guarantee that you are 18 or older and have the legal requirements necessary to enter into contracts.

2.2 You must comply with all applicable export control laws in your local jurisdiction.

2.3 Easyitalianschool can subordinate access and use of the Easyitalianschool Platform or certain areas or features of the same to certain requirements or conditions, including, for example, the completion of an identity verification process, the satisfaction of specific criteria of quality or suitability, satisfaction of thresholds of Reviews or Ratings or the history of reservations and cancellations of Members.

2.4 Verification of the user's identity on the Internet is difficult and we assume no responsibility for confirming the identity of any Member. Without prejudice to the above, for the purposes of transparency or fraud prevention, and within the limits permitted by applicable laws, we may, but are not under any obligation to (i) ask Members to provide a form of identification issued by the government or other information or perform additional checks to verify Members' personal identities or precedents, (ii) perform checks on Members on third-party databases or other sources and request reports from service providers and (iii) when we have sufficient information to identify a Member, obtaining reports from public records in relation to criminal convictions or evidence of sexual offenses or an equivalent version of criminal background checks or convictions for sexual offenses in the user's local jurisdiction (if available).

Changes to these Terms
Easyitalianschool reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with the provisions of this section. If we make changes to these Terms, we will post the modified Terms on the Easyitalianschool Platform and update the "Last Updated" date at the top of these Terms. We will also provide notice of the changes via email at least thirty (30) days before the date of entry into force of the same. If you do not agree with the Terms as amended, you may withdraw from this Agreement with immediate effect. We will inform you of your right to withdraw from the Contract in the notification email. If you do not exercise your right to withdraw from the Contract before the date on which the modified Terms become effective, your access or continued use of the Easyitalianschool Platform will constitute effective acceptance of the Terms as last amended.

Account registration
4.1 In order to access and use certain features of the Easyitalianschool Platform, including, for example, publishing or booking an accommodation, you must register and create an account ("Easyitalianschool Account"). If you register an Easyitalianschool Account on behalf of a company or other legal person, you declare and guarantee that you have the authority to legally bind this subject and to grant us all the authorizations and licenses provided for in these Terms.

4.3 During the registration process, you will need to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information and must keep your information regularly updated on your Easyitalianschool Account and on your page in the public profile of the Easyitalianschool Account.

4.4 No user may register more than one (1) Easyitalianschool Account unless Easyitalianschool provides the express authorization to do so. You may not assign or otherwise transfer your Easyitalianschool Account to third parties.

4.5 The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the credentials for accessing his Easyitalianschool Account and may not disclose them to third parties. The user must immediately inform Easyitalianschool if he is aware of or has reason to suspect that his credentials have been lost, stolen, stolen or otherwise compromised or in case of any actual or suspected unauthorized use of his Easyitalianschool Account. You will also be responsible for all operations carried out thanks to your Easyitalianschool Account unless such activities have been carried out without your authorization and you do not behave otherwise negligently (for example, not reporting unauthorized use or loss of your credentials).

4.6 Easyitalianschool can activate features that allow you to authorize other Members or certain third parties to carry out certain actions that affect your Easyitalianschool Account. Easyitalianschool will accept or decline the request for validation of a new profile by the Host within 48 hours of its insertion.

5.1 Easyitalianschool may, at its sole discretion, allow Members to (i) create, upload, publish, send, receive and store content, including, for example, text, photographs, audio and video content or other materials and information on or through the Easyitalianschool Platform ("Member Content"); (ii) access and view Member Content and any content that Easyitalianschool makes available on or through the Easyitalianschool Platform, including proprietary content of Easyitalianschool and content licensed or authorized for use by or through Easyitalianschool by third parties ( the "Contents of Easyitalianschool" and together with the Contents of the Members, the "Collective Content").

Service costs
6.1 Easyitalianschool may charge Hosts ("Host Costs") and / or Guests ("Guest Costs") (collectively, "Service Costs") as a fee for using the Easyitalianschool Platform. Further information on when the Service costs are applied and how they are calculated can be found on our Service Costs page.

Specific terms for Hosts
7.1 Terms applicable to all Ads

7.1.1 When creating an Announcement through the Easyitalianschool Platform you will (i) provide complete and accurate information about your Host Service (including, for example, the description of the ad, location and calendar availability) ), (ii) indicate any deficiencies, restrictions (eg house rules) and requirements that apply (eg any minimum age, competence or physical fitness requirement for an Experience) and (iii) provide any other information relevant request from Easyitalianschool. You are responsible for keeping your Announcement information up-to-date (including calendar availability).

7.1.2 You will be solely responsible for setting a price (including any applicable taxes or fees, such as those for cleaning) for your Announcement ("Announcement Price"). When a guest requests a reservation for your ad, you will therefore not be able to ask the guest to pay a higher price than indicated in the booking request.

7.1.3 Any terms and conditions included in your Announcement, in particular in relation to cancellations, must not conflict with these Terms or the cancellation policy you have selected for your Announcement.

7.1.4 Easyitalianschool may allow some Hosts to participate in its "Open Homes Program". The Open Homes Program allows Hosts to offer Ads free to certain Guests, such as refugees or displaced persons. By choosing to participate in the Open Homes Program, you are aware that your ability to limit your Announcement to certain Guests, such as Guests with positive Reviews, may be limited.

7.1.5 The photographs, animations or videos (collectively, the "Images") used in your Ads must accurately reflect the quality and characteristics of your Host Services. Easyitalianschool reserves the right to require that the ads contain a minimum number of images with a specific format, size and resolution.

7.2 Accommodation Publication

7.2.1 Unless expressly indicated by Easyitalianschool, the user may not include more than one accommodation per advertisement.

7.3 Publish Experiences, Events and other Host Services

Hosts offering Hosted Experience, Events and Services that are not Accommodations recognize that they are subject to the Additional Terms for Host of Experiences.

7.4 Co-Host

7.4.1 Easyitalianschool may allow Hosts to authorize other Members ("Co hosts") to manage their Ads and to bind the Host and take certain actions in relation to the Announcement as allowed by the Host, including, for example, accepting booking requests, sending and receiving messages, welcoming Guests, updating the Announcement Price and calendar availability (collectively, the "Co-host Services"). Any agreement made between a Host and a Co-host may not conflict with these Terms and the Payment Terms or any other Policy applicable to your Host Services. The Co-hosts can only act in a personal capacity and not on behalf of a company or other organization, unless expressly authorized by Easyitalianschool. Easyitalianschool reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit the number of Co-hosts that a Host can invite for each Announcement and to limit the number of Announcements that a Co-host can manage.

7.4.2 Hosts and Co-hosts may agree on an amount ("Co-host service costs") as consideration for services provided by the Co-host. When this agreement is reached, the Host undertakes to pay the Co-host's Service Costs for each confirmed booking of its Announcement; these costs will be deducted directly from the Announcement Price after deduction of any applicable Host Costs. In addition, Hosts may assign a Co-host to provide certain one-off services in connection with their Announcement. Hosts can pay Co-hosts for one-off services and for any other expenses using the Solution Center. Easyitalianschool Payments will process payments for the Costs of the service of the Co-hosts and the Solution Center.

7.4.3 The Hosts and Co-hosts agree that any activity, booking or other transaction reported on the Easyitalianschool Platform, including all the Services provided by the Co-host and all amounts owed by a Host to a Co host in relation to the provision of themselves, shall be deemed accurate, correct and binding unless they are disputed by informing the other party and Easyitalianschool within 21 days of the publication of the activity, booking or other disputed transaction on the Easyitalianschool Platform.

7.4.4 Hosts must exercise due diligence and care when deciding who to add as a Co-host to their Ads. Hosts remain solely responsible for all Member Announcements and Content published on the Easyitalianschool Platform, including any Announcements created by a Co-host on their behalf. Furthermore, the Hosts remain responsible for their acts and omissions, including, but not limited to, any conduct that causes damage to Co-hosts. The Co-hosts remain responsible for their actions and omissions when they carry out their roles and responsibilities as Co hosts, including, by way of example, any conduct likely to cause damage or harm to the Host. Furthermore, the Host and the Co-host are jointly and severally liable for third-party claims, including Guests' claims arising out of the acts and omissions of the other person related to hosting activities, communications with Guests and the provision of Services of the Co-host.

8 Specific Terms for Guests
8.1 Terms applicable to all bookings

8.1.1 Without prejudice to compliance with all the requirements (eg the completion of any verification process) established by Easyitalianschool and / or by the Host, the user can book an Announcement available on the Easyitalianschool Platform following the relevant booking process . All applicable fees, including the Announcement Price, the Security Deposit (if applicable), the Guest Costs and any applicable Taxes (collectively, the "Total Costs") will be presented to you prior to booking an Announcement. You agree to pay the Total Costs for reservations requested in connection with your Easyitalianschool Account.

8.1.2 Upon notification of a booking confirmation from Easyitalianschool, a legally binding contract is concluded between you and your Guest, subject to any additional applicable terms and conditions of the Guest, including, in particular, the applicable cancellation policy and any rules and restrictions specified in the Announcement. Easyitalianschool Payments will collect Total Costs at the time of booking or upon confirmation of the Host in accordance with the Payment Terms. For some reservations, guests may have to pay in multiple installments, or have the opportunity to do so.

8.1.3 If you book a Host Service on behalf of additional guests, you must ensure that each additional guest meets all the Host's requirements and is aware of and accepts these Terms and all terms and conditions, the standards and restrictions established by the Host. If you make a reservation for an additional minor guest, declare and guarantee that you are legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor. Minors may participate in an Experience, Event or other Host Service only if accompanied by an adult responsible for them.

8.1.4 To participate in the Group Payment Service, each Co-Payor must have or register an Easyitalianschool Account before making the payment. All payments made through the Group Payment Service are managed by Easyitalianschool Payments and are subject to the Group Payment Service Terms.

8.2 Accommodation Booking

8.2.1 You acknowledge and understand that a confirmed booking of an Accommodation ("Accommodation Reservation") constitutes a limited license which is granted to you by the Host to enter, occupy and use the Accommodation for the duration of your stay, period during which the Host (only if and to the extent permitted by applicable law) retains the right to return to the Accommodation, in accordance with your agreement with the Host.

8.2.2 As a Guest, you agree to leave the Accommodation no later than the check-out time specified in the Announcement by the Host or other agreed time between you and the Host. You are not authorized to remain in the accommodation once the check-out time has expired without the Host's consent ("Permanence beyond the deadline") and the Host has the right to ensure that you leave the Accommodation in in accordance with applicable law. Furthermore, the user agrees to pay, if requested by the Host, for any period of twenty-four (24) hours (or any portion thereof) of Stay beyond the term, an additional overnight cost up to two (2) times higher compared to the Average Price of the Announcement originally paid by the user to compensate for the inconvenience suffered by the Host, in addition to all the Guest Costs and applicable Taxes and any legal costs incurred by the Host to ensure that the user leaves the accommodation (collectively, the "stay costs beyond the term"). The cost of stay beyond the deadline for late check-outs that do not have an impact on the subsequent booking may be limited to the additional costs incurred by the Host as a result of such Permanence beyond the term. In the event of a stay beyond the term at an accommodation, you authorize Easyitalianschool (through Easyitalianschool Payments) to collect the stay costs beyond the term. A Security Deposit, if requested by a Host, can be applied to any cost of stay beyond the term due by a Guest for a Stay beyond the term.

8.3 Booking of Experiences, Events and other Host Services

8.3.1 You must carefully read the description of any Experience, Event or other Host Service you intend to book to ensure that you (and any additional guests you are booking for) meet any minimum age, capacity, physical fitness or other requirements specified by the Host in your Announcement. In your sole discretion, you may wish to inform the Host of any medical or physical condition or other circumstances that may affect your ability and that of any additional guest to safely participate in any Host Experience, Event or other Service. In addition, certain legal requirements such as the minimum legal age for drinking alcohol in the location where the Experience takes place, the Event or other Host Service may apply. You are responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to your participation in an Experience, Event or other Host Service.

8.3.2 Before and during an Experience, Event or other Host Service you must always follow all Host instructions.

8.3.3 You may not bring any additional individuals to an Experience, Event or other Host Service unless that individual has been added by you as an additional guest during the Easyitalianschool Platform booking process.

9 Changes to Reservations, Cancellations and Refunds, Solution Center
9.1 Hosts and Guests are responsible for all changes to a booking made through the Easyitalianschool Platform or which require Easyitalianschool Customer Service to make ("Changes to the reservation") and agree to pay any further Announcement Price, Costs of the Host and Costs of the Guest and / or Taxes associated with such Changes to the reservation.

9.2 Guests can cancel a confirmed reservation up to 30 days prior to their arrival and Easyitalianschool will reimburse the Total Costs paid by the Guest; after this date, nothing will be refunded. If instead a Host cancels a confirmed reservation, the Guest will receive a full refund of the Total Costs of this reservation within a commercially reasonable cancellation period. In this case, the Host will receive a maximum charge of € 300.00 for the subsequent booking.

9.3 In certain circumstances, Easyitalianschool may decide, at its sole discretion, to cancel a confirmed booking and make appropriate repayment and payment decisions. This can be done for the reasons indicated in the Easyitalianschool extenuating circumstances policy or (i) where Easyitalianschool considers in good faith, while taking into consideration the legitimate interests of both parties, that this is necessary to avoid significant damage to Easyitalianschool, others Members, third parties or assets, or (ii) for any of the reasons described in these Terms.

10 Ratings and Reviews
10.1 Within a certain time frame after completing a reservation, Guests and Hosts can write a public review ("Review") and assign a number of stars ("Evaluation") about each other, mutually. All Ratings or Reviews reflect the opinion of individual Members and do not reflect the opinion of Easyitalianschool. Ratings and Reviews are not verified by Easyitalianschool and may be incorrect or misleading.

10.2 Assessments and Reviews by Guests and Hosts must be accurate and do not contain offensive or defamatory language.

11 Damage to Housing, Disputes between Members
11.1 As a Guest, the user is responsible for leaving the Accommodation (including all movable property and other property present therein) in the conditions in which it was upon arrival. The user is responsible for his own acts and omissions and is also responsible for the acts and omissions of the persons he invites to the Accommodation or to whom he otherwise provides access to it, with the exception of the Host (and of the individuals who 'Host invites in the accommodation, if applicable).

11.2 If a Host claims and provides evidence that a Guest user has damaged an Accommodation or any property or other property in an Accommodation ("Claim for Damages"), the Host may attempt to obtain payment from the user through the Solutions Center. If a Host submits a claim for damages to Easyitalianschool, the Guest will be given the opportunity to respond. If you agree to pay the Host or if Easyitalianschool determines in its sole discretion that you are responsible for the Claim for damages,

11.3 Members agree to cooperate and assist Easyitalianschool in good faith, as well as to provide Easyitalianschool with all information and to take all actions reasonably requested by Easyitalianschool regarding any claim for damages or other complaints made by Members in relation (the ) to Lodgings or to any property or other property located in an Accommodation (including, but not limited to, payment requests made under Easyitalianschool's Host Guarantee) (ii) to Experiences, (iii) to contracts with Co-hosts or (iv) to Group Payment Reservations.

12 rounding
In general, Easyitalianschool supports amounts payable by or to Guests or Hosts up to the minimum unit supported by a specific currency (eg US cents, euros, or other supported currencies). Where an Easyitalianschool third-party payment service provider does not support payments in the minimum unit supported by a particular currency, Easyitalianschool may, in its sole discretion, round up or down the amounts payable to or from Guests or Hosts to the nearest whole numerical functional unit in which the currency is indicated (for example, to the nearest dollar, euro or other currency concerned); for example, Easyitalianschool may round up an amount of $ 101.50 to $ 102.00, and an amount of $ 101.49 to $ 101.00 by default.

13 Taxes
13.1 when acting as Host, you are solely responsible for determining your obligations to report, collect, pay or include in the Costs of your Announcement any applicable value added tax (VAT) or any other indirect sales tax, tourist taxes, tourist taxes or taxes for other types of visitors, or income taxes ("Taxes").

13.2 Tax regulations may make it necessary for Easyitalianschool to collect specific tax information from the Hosts or the withholding tax from the amounts to be paid to the Hosts, or both. If a Host does not provide the documentation deemed sufficient by us to fulfill our possible tax withholding obligations from payments due to the user, we reserve the right to freeze all payments, to withhold such taxes as required by law or to do both things until the resolution of the matter.

13.3 The user acknowledges that any government agency, department and / or competent authority ("Tax Authority") in the location where the User's accommodation is located may require that Taxes be collected by Guests or Hosts on the Prices of the Announcement and pay to the competent tax authority. The laws may vary in different jurisdictions, but it can be expected that such Taxes will be collected and paid as a percentage of the Advertisement Prices set by the Host, or as a daily fixed amount, or in other measures; such taxes are sometimes referred to as "temporary rental taxes", "hotel taxes", "tourist taxes", "local taxes", "room taxes" or "tourist taxes" (hereinafter, "Tourist taxes") .

14 Prohibited activities
14.1 You acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for compliance with any law, rule, regulation and tax obligation that may apply to your use of the Easyitalianschool Platform. In relation to the use of the Easyitalianschool Platform, you will not and will not assist others in, or allow others to:

violate or circumvent applicable laws or regulations, contracts with third parties, third party rights or our Terms, Policies or Standards;
use the Easyitalianschool Platform or Collective Content for any commercial or other purpose that is not expressly permitted by these Terms or in a way that falsely implies the approval or participation of Easyitalianschool or otherwise misleads third parties regarding an affiliation user with Easyitalianschool;
use the Easyitalianschool Platform in relation to the distribution of unsolicited commercial messages ("spam");
offer, as Host, any Accommodation of which the user is not the owner or which is not authorized to make available as a residential or other structure through the Easyitalianschool Platform;
book any accommodation if you do not have the actual intention to personally use the Host Services, except as expressly otherwise authorized by Easyitalianschool;
contact another Member for any purpose other than requesting information in relation to a reservation, Accommodation or use of the Easyitalianschool Platform Member, including, but not limited to, inviting or otherwise urging any Member to use services, applications or sites web of third parties, without our prior written authorization;
use the Easyitalianschool Platform to request, make or accept a reservation independently of the Easyitalianschool Platform, to circumvent the Service costs or for any other reason;
discriminate or harass any individual based on race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age or sexual orientation or otherwise engage in any violent, harmful, abusive or cause disturbance;
use or abuse an Announcement or services associated with Easyitalianschool's Open Homes Program as indicated by Easyitalianschool in its sole discretion.
use, display or make accessible through mirroring or framing practices the Easyitalianschool Platform or the Collective Content or any single element within it, the name of Easyitalianschool, any trademark, logo or other information that is the property of Easyitalianschool or the layout and design of any page or form contained in an Easyitalianschool Platform page without the explicit written consent of Easyitalianschool;
undertake any action that damages or negatively influences or which could damage or negatively affect the performance or correct functioning of the Easyitalianschool Platform;
violate the rights of third parties or otherwise cause harm to any person.

15 Duration and resolution, suspension and other measures
15.1 This Agreement will be effective for a period of 30 days, after which it will be automatically and continuously renewed for subsequent 30-day periods until the Contract is dissolved by you or you or Easyitalianschool as described below .

15.2 You can withdraw from this Agreement at any time by using the "Cancel Account" option available on the Easyitalianschool Platform or by sending an email. If you cancel your Easyitalianschool account as a Host, any confirmed booking will be automatically canceled and your Guests will receive a full refund.

15.3 Easyitalianschool may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving you thirty (30) days' notice by email to the email address you used for registration.

15.4 Easyitalianschool may terminate this Agreement and / or block access to the Easyitalianschool Platform with immediate effect and without notice (i) in the event of a material breach by you of your obligations pursuant to these Terms, the Payment Terms, our Policies or our Standards, (ii) in the event of violation of applicable laws, regulations or third party rights, or (iii) if Easyitalianschool believes in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the personal safety or property of Easyitalianschool, its Members or third parties (for example in the case of fraudulent behavior of a Member).

16 Exclusion of liability
If you choose to use the Easyitalianschool Platform or the Collective Content, you do it voluntarily and at your own risk. The Easyitalianschool Platform and the Collective Content are provided "as available" without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.

You acknowledge that you have had every opportunity you may deem necessary to analyze the Easyitalianschool Services, the laws, rules or regulations that may apply to your Announcement and / or the Host Services you receive and that you are not relying on. declaration of fact or law made by Easyitalianschool in relation to the Announcement.

17 Responsibility
17.1 Easyitalianschool is liable pursuant to legal provisions for fraud and gross negligence of Easyitalianschool itself, of our legal representatives, directors or other delegated agents. The same applies to the assumption of guarantees or any other objective liability or in the case of fatal negligence, injury to physical integrity or health. Easyitalianschool is responsible for any negligent breach of essential contractual obligations by Easyitalianschool itself, our legal representatives, administrators or other delegated agents. Essential contractual obligations mean the responsibilities of Easyitalianschool, on whose correct fulfillment the user normally relies and on which he must trust for the correct execution of the contract, but the amount will be limited to foreseeable damages typically occurring in such cases. Any additional responsibility for Easyitalianschool is excluded.

18 Compensation
You agree to raise, defend (at the discretion of Easyitalianschool), indemnify and hold Easyitalianschool and its affiliated and subsidiary companies, including, without limitation, Easyitalianschool Payments and their respective managers, directors, employees and agents, to and against all any claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising from or in any way connected with (i) the violation of the user of these Terms or our Policies or Standards , (ii) its improper use of the Easyitalianschool Platform or any Easyitalianschool Service, (iii) the user's interaction with any Member, the user's stay at an Accommodation, his or her participation in an Experience, Event or other Host service, participation in a Shared Payment Service, including, without limitation, injury, loss or damage of q Any type (whether compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) arising from or in connection with such interaction, stay, participation or use, (iv) Collection and payment of residence taxes by Easyitalianschool or (v) the violation of the user of laws, regulations or rights of third parties.

19 Dispute resolution and arbitration agreement
An arbitration agreement may be entered into in the event of disputes between the parties.

20 Feedback
We encourage and appreciate the fact that you provide feedback, comments and suggestions for improving the Easyitalianschool Platform ("Feedback"). You can send feedback by sending us an email, or via the "Faq" section of the Easyitalianschool Platform or via other means of communication. Any Feedback sent to us by the user will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. a non-exclusive license, valid worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicensable and perpetual to use and publish such ideas and materials for any purpose, without payment to the user.

21 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is subject to Italian law. Parma competent court.

22 General provisions
22.1 These Terms, including any additions to them by means of additional terms and conditions, policies, guidelines or standards, constitute the entire Contract between Easyitalianschool and the user relating to the subject matter of this document and replace any previous agreement or verbal or written agreement between Easyitalianschool and the user regarding access and use of the Easyitalianschool Platform.

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Costs for home reservations

Service costs for the host

The costs of the service for the host of houses will be 25% of the amount paid by the Guest.